IPM was founded in 1987 by Claudio Argnani, Bruno Barabani and Silvia Geminiani after they had worked together for another company operating on the same sector for ten years.

“For us, IPM represented the wish to put us on the line, to fly with our own wings, and to make our own contribution to the humanity’s growth. All this in an innovative sector where we sensed the possibility to make new ideas, new machines and new technologies come true. Machines and technologies which we want to be closer and closer to the requirements and needs of a market  which is increasingly demanding, wide and evolved.
All this not only respecting environment and human beings, but also with love and passion both by our side - the ones who have founded it - and by side of our whole collaborators.”

The modern and functional IPM premises arise in Lugo (Ravenna), in an area of ca. 17.500 m² which is indoor for ca. 7.300 m².

The plants of which we make use both for the machinery’s design and production are modern, highly technological as well as constantly updated and renewed.

The whole process – starting from the design up to the machinery’s production – is effected directly in the company, in security for quality and for its being totally made in Italy.

IPM  represents a firm reality  in the production of machines for the extrusion and packaging of plastic pipes and profiles.

Particular attention is paid to the research and development of new products which are always  on the cutting edge to satisfy and even anticipate requirements of a market which is getting more and more competitive, structured and exacting.

A team of young technicians and engineers is always available for customers’ after-sales service both in our premises and by the client’s pant with business travels all over the world.

Production and sales of thousands machines both in the developed and in the developing countries are tangible evidences of the professional competence and reliability of our company.